Are you a pickle lover who enjoys a spicy kick with every meal? If yes, then this homemade chilli pickle recipe in Hindi is perfect for you. With just a few simple ingredients, you can make this tangy and spicy pickle at home. Let’s get started!



  1. Wash and Dry the Chillies: Start by washing the green chillies thoroughly and letting them dry completely.
  2. Slit the Chillies: Slit the green chillies lengthwise, making sure not to cut them into two pieces.
  3. Prepare the Spice Mix: In a grinder, add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, and fennel seeds. Grind them coarsely.
  4. Mix the Spices: In a bowl, mix together the ground spices, turmeric powder, salt, asafoetida, and nigella seeds.
  5. Stuff the Chillies: Take each slit green chilli and stuff it with the spice mix prepared in the previous step.
  6. Store in a Jar: Place the stuffed green chillies in a clean, dry jar.
  7. Add Vinegar: Pour vinegar and mustard oil into the jar. Make sure the chillies are completely submerged.
  8. Keep it for Fermentation: Close the jar tightly and let it ferment for at least a week in a warm place.
  9. Shake Daily: Shake the jar daily to ensure the spices are well mixed.
  10. Enjoy Your Chilli Pickle: After a week, your spicy and tangy chilli pickle will be ready to eat!


Serving Suggestions:

Making chilli pickle at home is easy and fun. With this simple recipe in Hindi, you can enjoy the tangy and spicy goodness  homemade pickle with every mealrice upma recipe in tamil. So, next time you have a craving for something spicy, whip up a batch of this delicious chilli pickle and enjoy it with your favorite dishes.

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